Accelerated Whitepaper: Scaling from $10M to $25M
The whitepaper breaks down the exact process on over 38 Pages.
Mastermind Presentation: FULL Conversion Optimization Process
This Video is a recording of a Live Presentation I did at the Alex Fedotoff Mastermind in New York City, where I break down our complete CRO & AB Testing Process step by step.
Successful $100M Brand Paid Acquisition Funnel Breakdown
We've been working together with Cocunat since early 2023 and ran tons of successful tests across their customer journey. The key to their success has been front-end offers that work well on cold traffic and having a dialled in sales funnel.
⚡ Flowchart
8-Figure Brand Funnel Breakdown
We're currently working with The Oodie, Vessi and Kinobody to optimize their complete acquisition and conversion Funnel.
The biggest lever we see with them is dialling in every single step of the funnel to stay ahead of the competition. From your Creatives, to unique Sales Pages & Offers, and Retention Strategy.
THIS will change how you build Landing Pages forever
Make landing pages so good that your manufacturer has trouble keeping up and your wife gives you "that look" again because you have $100K days back to back.
Product Pages for 9-Figure Brands
What’s really interesting: building high-converting pages that convert at scale.
That's why I recorded a complete breakdown of how we built the new Product Page for one of the biggest DTC Brands Worldwide: The Oodie.
Case Study: 0 to $10M in 12 Months
This Video includes the complete Breakdown of how we’ve achieved this with cutting-edge advertising and unique traffic-conversion mechanisms.
Alex Hormozi Team
"Carl has been an absolute G to work with. Honestly it was epic. Thank you."
Davie Fogarty
The Oodie
"Working with him and the team has been a breeze. He's overdelivered and help us move the needle. Looking forward to continue working with him."
Greg O'Gallagher
"We have been working together for months now and put together some really awesome Tests that have proved to be very fruitful. Carl's the man."
Alex Brown
Dollar Beard Club
"They are incredibly talented and smart. Working with them has been an amazing experience and can't recommend them enough as a solid partner."
Ignasi Faus
Cocunat Beauty
"We've been working with them for about two months and they have been super professional. They added over half a million to our bottom line already."
Alex Fedotoff
“We own a portfolio of brands and are doing $30m a year. I want to recommend Carl as a CRO Specialist and overall amazing person to work with.”
Sebastian Szalinski
“2021 we did $300m in Sales from our portfolio brands, in 2022 we will do over $400million. And one part of that was working with ACCELERATED."
Ian Nagy
VidTao & Inceptly
“Carl is one of the brightest minds in CRO and marketing. If you have any opportunity to work with Carl, he has my highest recommendation.”
About Accelerated Agency
With a team of 41 people, they are working together with the biggest and fasting-growing DTC brands worldwide.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What services are you offering?
Accelerated Agency specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for direct-to-consumer brands. They offer services such as building new landing pages, finding the best offers and upsell funnels, and running conversion optimization split testing programs.
Who qualifies for a collaboration with you?
The ideal clients are 8-figure DTC brands facing rising costs of CPA & CPC, CEOs, CMOs, or founders looking to scale aggressively, and marketers or agencies wanting to help their clients achieve better ROI.
What results can clients expect from working with you?
We guarantee a 3X ROI withtin the first 6 months of working together.
How does Accelerated Agency ensure data clarity and decision-making?
We build custom dashboards for each client, providing true transparency of numbers and complete clarity on what’s working and what’s not.
What kind of support will I be getting?
Clients have access to 24/5 Slack support, a private Slack channel with specialists for their unique case, and the opportunity to participate in group topics with other DTC founders.
What additional benefits do clients receive?
Clients gain access to a network of 8- and 9-figure brand owners, top-notch agencies, VC’s, and more. They also have the opportunity to attend in-person masterminds with other successful brands and experts.
Accelerated Agency
Hamburg, Germany