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Carl Weische
Founder & CEO
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with focus on eCommerce & Entrepreneurial studies
  • Bachelor Thesis: psychology & factors of successful business ventures
  • Master in NLP (way of changing someone's thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them.)
  • Founded Accelerated and bootstrapped into leading CRO Agency with Team of 41 people
  • Keynote speaker at biggest marketing events worldwide (Affiliate World, Adworld, GeekOut Dubai, VidTao Oxford Union)
  • Worked with over 204+ DTC Brands
  • Firm managed over $1.4Bn in Revenue
Our Management Team
Lars Schröder
Founder & COO
Dejan Regoje
Head of Development
Niklas Klietsch
Head of Operations
Kaja Storbeck
Head of Human Resources
Ken Wenz
Head of Customer Success
Our Team of Experts
Tabea Atasu
Assistance to CEO
Burak Görmüs
Team Lead: CRO
Axel Jolly
Team Lead: CRO
Vitalii Kostin
Team Lead: QA
Victor Golovaschenko
Team Lead: Development
Denis Klassen
Conversion Specialist
Miloš Pešić
Conversion Specialist
Fenil Mangukiya
Conversion Specialist
Stefan Hohmann
Conversion Specialist
Ana Kerkovic
Conversion Specialist
Niclas Eckert
Shopify Developer
Danijel Cvjetković
Web Developer
Duško Pejić
Web Developer
Amar Handzo
Data Specialist
Goran Hrustic
UX Designer
Sladjana Klacar
Quality Assurance
Vladimir Spasojević
UX Designer
Stefan Krajisnik
Web Developer
Saurabh Patwa
Web Developer
Dmytro Harbar
Quality Assurance
Djordje Pejic
Data Specialist
Emir Kovacevic
Quality Assurance
Tarik Kovač
Data Specialist
Amit Kumar
Conversion Specialist
Stefan Tošić
Junior UX Designer
Namish Kapoor
Software Engineer
Sharad Wankhade
Software Engineer
Anna Marochkina
UX Designer
Oleksii Pasternak
Data Analyst
Illia Fedorenko
Data Analyst
Andrii Dehtiarov
Data Analyst
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With a team of 41 people, they are working together with the biggest and fasting-growing DTC brands worldwide.
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